A Brief History of Meteoric Games

Meteoric Games

Meteoric Games is a small indie development studio focused on making immersive and engaging games for the PC. Eastablished in 2012, our first game, Paragon, is nearing completion with a targeted release in 2016. 

A Focused Team - we have a small team which allows us to zero in on delivering a tight and compelling gameplay experience.

A Novel Approach - Our 1st title is being built on an open source platform, with the potential to allow new forms of collaboration on future development. 


Jumpdrive is a sandbox space sim set in an alternative future heavily inspired by classic 80s sci-fi. Fight, trade and explore in a massive procedurally generated galaxy of millions of planets and stars. Amass money and power, upgrade and purchase new ships, and one day create your own small fleet with a base to call home.

Procedurally Generated - most fo the game world, from star systems, to stars, planets and asteroids are generated in code, allowing massive amounts of variety. 

Completely Open - no predetermined storyline or other linear constraints imposed on players.